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   2018 Cosmoprof Bologna Fay boo
   A world-class makeup brush man
   20th Cosmoprof Asia - Fay Cosm
   The holiday notification of th
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 Service is what our business has been built on. We are committed to delivering beyond out client's expectations, we don't always get their, but we learn from everything we do and strive for perfection. Our business is passionate about service. 

OEM service
Products tailor made according to your design; Professional advises to meet customers'expectation; Creative ideas & competitive price. 

Technical service
We have Technical Support Specialists to help provide you with product and printing analysis and suggest alternative solutions.
Whatever the cause of the problem we'll work with you to solve it.
To provide quality products, quality customer service。

Customer Service

Tel: (+86)769 8190 0169
Add: 172# Huancun Rd,Jinxiaotang Zhutang,Fenggang,Dongguan 523681 China
E-mail: sales@faybrush.com